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Tax-related tasks in business are most efficiently done when handled by a CPA tax accountant. At times, business owners would settle with the second-best option since there are no tax accountants near them. This problem, fortunately, is no longer such a big problem nowadays, thanks to virtual accounting firms.


Virtual accounting firms employ a team of qualified professionals that could handle every task that accounting encompasses. We could handle your bookkeeping, payroll, bank reconciliations, and more. We could also handle your taxes and save you from the stress, headache, and even anxiety that tax season often brings with it.


Stress-Free Tax Preparation and Tax Planning with Virtual Accounting Firms




When we say virtual tax preparation, we do not mean using DIY tax software to file taxes. What we mean is that we have experts who will efficiently prepare your tax returns, do the filing for you and handle all tax-related tasks for you. We mean that you will enjoy all the benefits of efficient work and accurate results without needing to leave your home or your business premises. We do not wish to diminish the help that DIY software brings. However, it would only be advisable to use such software if you have a simple tax situation. If you own multiple properties or if you are running a business, it is best to let professionals handle your tax for you.  


Often, people only think of tax returns and tax filing when they hear the word tax. There is another process that is crucial, especially for businesses, as well as for any individual investor’s financial plan – tax planning. It covers several factors like timing of income, size, and timing of purchases as well as planning for expenditures. Every financial situation is carefully scrutinized and analyzed by our tax experts to ensure the greatest tax efficiency for you. Tax planning is something that we could easily handle for you as well.


People often have concerns about the security and impersonality of virtual tax preparation. Here is what we have to say. We take every necessary precaution to keep all client data safe and secure. We carefully veto all our personnel, and only qualified and cleared personnel could access the data. We implement multiple layer security access in all our systems and data centers. We also make use of a highly-secure system as well as encrypted data transfer. Rest-assured that data security is our utmost priority.


We also understand that accounting, including tax planning, must be a personal process since it involves highly personal and sensitive information. We bridge distance gaps through virtual meetings and conferences wherein we keep our clients always in the loop. We also want to emphasize that we are a team of qualified accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals armed with in-depth accounting and taxation knowledge and top-of-the-line systems. What we wish to convey is that you are still dealing with people just like when you were dealing with accountants from brick and mortar firms.